“Cambricare Cup” has been held at NZ Career College on April 2nd and 3rd 2010. To author’s surprise, 13 players have participated the tournament despite short notice and Easter not-stay-in-Auckland weekend. Among those thirteen players, eight of them have collected price money – a new NZ record of 62% winning rate!

After six rounds, Kevin Liu has claimed top spot with 6 straight wins. Tracy came second with 5 wins and Don Wan third with 4 points. Kevin and Tracy have also pocketed the top two prices for their <30 age group, Ken Xie came third in the same group. Don Wan has showed his strength by beating strong opponent David Liu and Long Yangli on his way to the third place overall and occupied the top spot for his 40-50 age group in which David Wu and Long Yangli got 2nd and 3rd places. Du and Michael Taylor took top two prices in the >50 age group.

It seems that NZ Go becomes active again in 2010 following the success of Hawks Bay Tournament and Cambricare Cup Tournament. In both case we have new and young faces joining us which is another good sign that NZ Go may start expand after years of shrinking. There is even more good news: Two more private sponsored tournaments are in the pipeline plus an Auckland Chinese school will start Go classes both in Chinese and English in two weeks time.

Is it the booming time for NZ Go? At least we have many reasons to hope so.

This is author's first article on NZGA website composed with Chinglish, if you can’t understand; author is more than happy to explain it more clearly - in Chinese, of course!

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