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This is the top category of purely Go-related pages and subcategories. It will sit beside Category:Events (most of which should be Go-related and thus also in this category), Category:People, Category:Places, and maybe a category for related games, all subcategories of Category:Content.

To list a page or other category in this category, type or paste the following on it, preferably near the bottom:

This page may now or in future use content from the official website of the NZGS. The original content was at {{{1}}}. The list of authors can be seen in that page's history. The content of that site was available under only the GNU Free Documentation License. If any its material (apart from pure facts) is to be used on this Wikia site, which is under Creative Commons license, approval should be obtained from all registered editors who contributed that material.


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  • NZGS(4 C, 2 P)



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