The Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship has become an annual event. "Baduk" is Korean for "Go".

The first was from 22-25 October 2006 at Jeonju, "the mecca of Korea Baduk". Winner was Dong Ha Woo of Korea, second was Yu Qing Hu of China, each 7d and achieving 7 wins out of 8. Wei Qian (6d) from Australia was 19th, and New Zealand's representative was Graeme Parmenter (4d), who came 37th out of 66.

The second was held from 14-16 October 2007 at Suwon city, which holds the largest Baduk population in Korea. Winner with 8 wins out of 8 was ChangBea K (7D) of Korea. Second place went to Yuqing Hu (8D) of China, the only one with 7 wins. Best from the Southern Hemisphere was 8th-placed YiMing Guo (7D) of Australia. New Zealand's representative was Ken Xie (Kai Kun Xie) (3D), who came 13th out of 66. Winners from 9th to 16th places each received a testimonial and $100 of research grant (less 22% tax).

The third was scheduled be held in Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, from November 7 to 12 2008.

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