Currently very few people are administrators here. Anyone who would like to be given the extra facility that goes with being a sysop or bureaucrat (without any obligation to do more work!) may edit this page and "lobby" active contributors. See the "ideal" procedural details on Wikipedia:Requests for adminship, but consider that this little community can manage with much less formality.

(Only logged-in users may vote.)

Applications (ie self-nominations)Edit


NZGS Secretary and chief official contributor to this wiki.

Signed comments supporting
Neutral or wanting more info

;Signed comments opposing

  • (too late, whoever you are)

Nobody could reasonably disagree with Colin's nomination. I'll get to work on it immediately. -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 09:39, October 8, 2013 (UTC)


AKA Steve Taylor

Signed comments supporting
  • Colin Grierson
Neutral or wanting more info
Signed comments opposing
Nomination clearly valid and has now been unopposed for quite some time after all potential voters were aware of the wiki and could easily have found their way to this page. APPROVED. (Now all I have to do is find where to finalize it. I think it's on Steve's "Contributions" page.) -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 10:24, July 12, 2013 (UTC)

Nominations of users by othersEdit

(Please tell the user and request that a consent be noted here)

Future nominations by applicants or others could use this subheading format - copy the next few lines, including the four headings, and paste it above then fill in the name(s).


(Put the name straight after the colon; add brief reasons why person should be an administrator)

Consent of nominee:

(not required for self-nominations, of course)
Signed comments supporting
Neutral or wanting more info
Signed comments opposing

(For completed successful nominations, see Project:Requests for adminship/Archive.)

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